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About The PCman Website Network

The PCman Website Network started out as a single website known as The PCman Website with the web address https://www.thepcmanwebsite.com. We are referring to our .com site which has a similar name except the word "Network" is not used in its title. This may sound confusing, having two sites with very similar names, but the one you are currently viewing is has a .net top level domain extension and was specially created to be the parent site of our entire network.

At that time, when the original site was created, when we searched the internet for the various programs and services that we needed we weren't satisfied with what was available from the internet community. It became apparent that others might be feeling the same way, not finding what they really wanted or needed. So we built our first site, thepcmanwebsite.com, and added many assorted unrelated features to it as our personal needs arose. As time progressed and our needs expanded we began to branch out. Instead of continuing to add to a single website we decided to create several focused niche sites that would provide a better experience for the user.

The network grew into a family of websites each offering valuable free services to the internet community by providing popular products and services for free to our users. Our free products and services range from free online games to a business card creator to webmaster tools and fonts to slogan generators and resumes. Our offerings are widely varied to satisfy our visitor's needs. Enabling our users to receive the products and services they need for free without having to pay any fees or charges was always our main mission. Providing products and services for free makes our web properties very desirable to the users who need these products and services.

The PCman Website Network properties are able to provide these products and services because they are subsidized by third-party advertising which pays for all web serving and administrative costs. Paid advertising is what enables The PCman Website Network to provide all our services free of charge to our users. The advertising displayed throughout our network is carefully selected to keep inappropriate ads from being served. We understand that our properties can potentially be viewed by visitors from varied demographics and with that in mind we strive to make our network a safe, pleasant environment for all users.

Simply view our Homepage for a list of all our properties. This Search link will take you to our search page which will enable you to search our whole network with one simple click. Please feel free to explore our network and discover the quality products and services that we have to offer.

The PCman